Art Story #1: Getting Started

Karen Nobel in front of our location in Jupiter, FL

This is my first blog. I have been looking at this little word “Blog” on my site for so long now feeling as if I had to say something, but not really knowing what to say. Yet the time has come to fill in the empty space, so here it goes…

Starting a business has been the most difficult thing I have ever done. I’ve had to be someone I was not sure I could be. I’ve had to remove all traces of fear and doubt that I held inside. I had to learn things I was not interested in learning. Yet, although this blog link has sat empty for so long, the artwork that has been created by the hands of our young artists has spoken for me in ways that I could not. The work of these children and our teachers has inspired me, motivated me, and allowed me to move forward on this journey to bring quality visual arts programs to our students and to our community. Welcome to the beginning of my art story. I hope this serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for all of us as we continue to bring our children what they need…MORE ART!