Art Story #3: The Kids Need More Art Ribbon Cutting Six Months Later

Kids Need More Art’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

A Note Six Months Later

Six months ago today on May 16th, Kids Need More Art held our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Jupiter studio.  These last months have flown by, but not without a great deal of hard work and much appreciation to those who have supported the opening of our business.  A chance exists that I have not personally thanked all of you who attended the opening that evening or who have walked though our doors since, but tonight, six months later, I once again post my speech given before we cut that ribbon to the doors of possibility.  The gratitude I have for all of those who have been a part of this journey is still as heartfelt as ever.

Kids Need More ArtKids Need More Art Jupiter Ribbon Cutting Speech

Today is an incredible day as I stand here before all of you watching my dreams unfold. Thank you to my new friends at The Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce for making this all possible. Thank you to my talented friends, Carlos Castellanos, co-creator of the Nationally Syndicated Comic Strip Baldo, Vova Ida, classical guitarist, and ChefCorp for adding even more creativity to this already colorful event.

When James and I moved down to Palm Beach County in 2004, we did not know one person here, yet over the last eight years, we have come to have an extended family of what I call my artist friends. I did not know choosing a career would mean choosing a family, but I feel so blessed and honored to have you here today and in our lives. Your love and support each day since we have met has allowed Florida to become our home, and I sincerely thank you.

I wish I had the time to recognize each one of you here today as you are so very important, but since the ribbon is waiting, let me keep this as brief as possible. First, I have to introduce the Kids Need More Art instructors: Dr. Nicole Crane, Patrick Finnegan, and Kari Ratka…these amazing, dedicated teachers are my dearest friends, and I thank them for making me look so good! Then there is my Pine Jog family who opened the doors of the Environmental Education Center for me and planted the seed for all of the programming that is blossoming before our eyes. I also want to acknowledge all the parents that have entrusted me with their beautiful children over the past years. It was your encouragement, support, and all the times you told me how fabulous I am that made me realize that it was time to open this studio. And to my students…the ones that ignite my fire and fuel my passion each time they pick up a paintbrush or see the world in a creative new way. They are the reason we all stand here today, and I am so grateful that they allow me to live a life I love each and every day. This day is really all for them.

Thank you to the three men behind Kids Need More Art

There are three men in my life that I need to especially thank today…first there is my wonderful husband, James. When I started this process, I think I expected that an 11-year marriage license would automatically make my dream his dream, but that is really not the case. He made my dream his dream solely to make me happy, and today James, I tell you how happy you have made me, and for all the times I did not say thank you over the last six months…I say it now. Then there is the brilliant Davis Streker of Visual Wave Design who became my web designer, business advisor, and friend. He perfectly made all of my visions a reality and provided a strong, solid image on which to stand. The gratitude I have for him overwhelms me and to him I say….”It’s Wednesday, May 16th, and I truly appreciate you today.” And for my Dad, Memorial Day will mark the one year anniversary of his passing, but I hear his voice louder than ever as he says, “Karen, work smart, not hard.” Kids Need More Art is smart, Dad, and I thank you for that valuable life lesson. You are here in this studio every day with me.

When I stand in this studio, I know my whole life is about to change. The Kids Need More Art space may be small, but the potential is unlimited. If you are here today, you know the importance of art education, so there is no need for a lecture, but Kids Need More Art was born to be that visual voice in our community that will always support and encourage a child’s creativity. It’s essential to developing the whole child, but it takes all of us to keep all the arts alive in our schools. Keep on asking, parents…our children are worth it.

Last, but never least, there is my beautiful daughter Amelie for whom I work the hardest. One day last November, I came home late one evening after working all day, and she said…”Mommy, you need to come home earlier.” That was the day I knew it was time to work in my own community to be closer to her and her friends and classmates. So thank you, Amelie, for being my biggest source of inspiration. Mommy is home now, and the Nobel family thanks the Town of Jupiter, Three Palms Plaza, my new neighbors, and all of you for welcoming Kids Need More Art. Let the journey begin…

Karen Nobel
May 16, 2012
Owner – Kids Need More Art